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The Billboard most popular artists of 2018

The love of music The Billboard is a popular American entertainment publication and the provider of the Billboard awards, an award that honors artists in various genres, etc. It is one of the magazines that every artist wants to get into and when they do they know they have been recognized. The Billboard most

Top 5 female artists of all times

The power of the female voice Through the decades there have been many styles of music that have filtered through the various social mediums. In bygone era's it was the haunting voices that held audiences captivated by their operatic vocals, through the swing eras right up until modern day times. Women's

Bands who reunited after they had publicly split up

Band relationships Just like any relationship people have altercations, they lose their ability to communicate with each other or they just do not get along.  These are all scenarios for a classical breakup and it is no different for bands or groups. There are artistic of personality differences or they just

9 Top selling albums in history

Decades of recording There have been billions of recorded albums since the first recordings in the early 20th century. Recorded albums were done as books that came with different “78rpm record”.  In 1948 the first vinyl LP (or long playing) records came out and they played 33 1/3 rpm. These went on