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Rainforest World Music Festival in Borneo

The Rainforest World Music Festival is held each year and was started in 1998 is the celebration of “the diversity of world music” held in Kuching, Sarawak on the Island of Borneo.  This year the festival kicks on the 13th July through to the 15th July.  This festival showcases some of the talents from countries such as Tunisia, Serbia, India to name but a few. For, all you who are wanting to head out that way tickets are still currently on sale and can be found at most of the major ticketing offices.
The Festival also has great expos, parades, food and local village mart and the Rainforest World Crafts Bazaar.

Some of the featured Artists:

Yallah Bye – from Tunisian band Jawhar, this band mixes modern elector with a psychedelic performance of folk and poetry.  They are called a “groove machine with soul”

Guo Gan & Aly Keita – from China and Cote d’Ivoire.  This duo from completely different backgrounds comes together in a most pleasing mix of poetic charm.  Their music embraces their message it sends to the world “Peace in the World” (which is also the title of their album)

Oyme – From the Republic of Mordovia, Russia this ethnos Russian band has a large following in their country as they perform their various rare vocal performances mixed ancient Finno-Ugric folklore.