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Top 5 female artists of all times

The power of the female voice

Through the decades there have been many styles of music that have filtered through the various social mediums. In bygone era’s it was the haunting voices that held audiences captivated by their operatic vocals, through the swing eras right up until modern day times. Women’s voices have been likened to that of angels and sires.

Top 5 female artists of all times

#1 Barbara Streisand

21 - Top 5 female artists of all times
Barbara Streisand is not only one of the most gifted singers of all times, but she is also an incredible actress, director and producer. She is also one of the only personalities to be awarded all of the most highly regarded film and music awards. These awards are the Tony, Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, Cable Ace, Golden Globe, National Endowment for the Arts and Peabody awards.  She was also awarded the Film Society of Lincoln Center Chaplin Award and the America film Institutes Lifetime Achievement honor.

Born 1942 in Brooklyn, New York she grew up in a middle-class family dreaming of becoming a star. Her career, however, far exceeded her dreams as Barbara has been deemed as one of the most successful personalities in show business.

#2 Tina Turner

22 - Top 5 female artists of all times
Tina Turner has rocked the stage and music scene for nearly fifty years with her distinct voice and high energy performances.At the age of 78, she still has the most incredible legs, contagious smile, timeless beauty and powerful vocals.

Her nicknames through the decades have said it all “The Queen of Rock ‘n Roll” and the “Burner” mixed with her unforgettable life story sets her legendary status.

Born in Nutbush, Tennessee in 1939 she bolstered her way through life never giving up against all odds.

#3 Dolly Parton

23 - Top 5 female artists of all times
The country legend who was born and raised on a run-down farm in Locust Ridge, Tennessee.  Dolly one of 12 children and was born in November of 1946.

Having to want to sing before she could talk Dolly was appearing on Knoxville TV at the age of 12 going on to appear at the Grand Ole Opry and recorded a small label album at 13.

At only 5-foot-tall she has the most powerful vocals that make her cast a giant shadow over those to follow.

#4 Janis Joplin

24 - Top 5 female artists of all times
Born in the oil refining town of Port Arthur, Texas where her father worked at a cannery she was an overweight teenager and loved folk music.

In 1967 she was noticed at the Monterey Pop Festival whilst singing with the “Big Brother and Holding company”.
It was while she was performing solo at Woodstock in 1969 when she really rose to fame.But her career was sadly ended and short-lived when she overdosed on heroin and died in October 1970.

#5 Ella Fitzgerald

25 - Top 5 female artists of all times
The First Lady of Song or the Queen of Jazz with a voice as pure of golden honey and impeccable diction.Born in Newport News, Virginia in 1996 she had a tumultuous youth but found her way into music after joining the Chick Webb Orchestra and went on tour with them to perform across the USA.

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