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How to Sound Proof your Music Room for your Band!

If you play in a band then you know that practice makes perfect and many bands play in garages, sheds, basements, bedrooms, studios, and basically any place they can setup and play.

Most bands are loud, think big drums, big amps, and loud P.A systems which can lead to lots of noise complaints from neighbors who are trying to live a peaceful life, or get some sleep!

This is why properly soundproofing a band rehearsal space is so important.

If you don’t and you keep getting complaints, eventually you will be required to find a new space to practice or worse, get evicted.

Here’s How to Sound Proof your Music Room:

Door Seal Kit

Soundproofing door seal kits help to limit sound that is traveling through the cracks in doors.

They are easy to install, affordable, and are great solutions for anywhere that sound is entering or exiting through a door.

Simply adhere the door seals to the top and sides of your door as well as on the bottom.

This works to create  an airtight space so that sound cannot freely travel through one of the weakest parts of the room.

You can find an affordable door seal kit via Amazon here.

Barrier Blankets

Sound blankets are used to absorb sound and reduce noise by creating a sound barrier.

Soundproof blankets are also known as studio blankets which are often used to soundproof house rooms and turn them into home studios.

Unlike sound panel treatments, which are designed to attack the “path” of reflecting sound waves inside a room, these sound blanket systems are designed to attack the “source” of the original sound and literally “block” the noise from releasing into the room.

The thick, but cheap, moving style blankets will help to get rid of higher decibel noise, while the quilted, acoustic style blankets will tend to the lower, bass-level tones. recommends Thick wall covers for sound proofing music rooms.

These blankets are great options because they are more affordable than panels and can be taken with you and setup in any space as you go.

Use them over walls, windows and doors to block sound.

soundproof blankets - How to Sound Proof your Music Room for your Band!

Soundproofing Weather Strips

If you space has windows, you will want to soundproof those as well.

Putting the soundproof blankets over windows will help but you will also want to weather strip them to block any gaps where sound can sneak through.

Best of all, it is one of the best and cheapest hack to soundproofing a window.

You just have to stick it to the borders of the window so that no gap is left when you shut the windows up providing the best sealing experience.

Lowe’s has a large selection of weather strips for your windows.


Combining all of the methods listed above will really help dampen the house that is going in and out of your bands practice area.

It is worth making the investment to make your space your own little studio, free from complaints and unwanted noise.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below!

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