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The best metal bands of the new Millennium

The heavy sounds of Metal

There is a lot of metal genre’s out there and some of it is quite an acquired tasted.  It also gets a rep of being Satanist music, so most people tend to not give it a try.  Things is, there are a lot of Christian metal bands that are quite good.  The dark metal, death metal or really heavy stuff you have to sift through as even that has some really great tracks.But if you find the right songs from the right bands and give it a go you are bound to get hooked.  This music takes you to a new level.  The deep bass and rifts, with gravelly deep male vocals (and yes, some woman have that deep vocal too) can take you to another place.

The trick to listening to metal is in your car on a really good sound system that lets the music touch go through you.
Please NOTE: Some of these songs do have explicit language.

The best metal bands

#1 Metallica

11 - The best metal bands of the new Millennium
Face it when you read heavy metal one of the first bands that ran through your mind was Metallica!
Not only did they hit the jackpot with their cool name but they have some really awesome tracks.
This band has been together since 1981 and even though there has been some ups and downs it is still going strong.

Their most famous song of all Enter Sandman is still one of the most played metal songs.
If that is a bit too heavy for you then try “The Unforgiven” or “Nothing else matters”.

#2 Disturbed

12 - The best metal bands of the new Millennium
Disturbed have been around since 1994 and hail from Chicago Illinois.
The deep resonant voice of Erich Awalt on vocals reaches many pitches from the grown of metal to pelting out their cover of Sounds of Silence.

They are well worth a google or Youtube look as they do have some really awesome tunes like “Down with the sickness” and “The Vengeful One

#3 Stone Sour

13 - The best metal bands of the new Millennium
Corey Taylor is a true music legend whose voice has many pitches as has his music.
From singer lead vocals of Slip Knot to doing the Soundtrack to Dave Grohl’s “Sound City” to forming Stone Sour and a great entertainer to boot.

Some of the top songs from  Stone Sour include “Through the Glass”, “Son #3

#4 Five Finger Death Punch

14 - The best metal bands of the new Millennium
From Las Vegas, Five Finger Death Punch has been around since 2005.  It has had its ups and downs as most bands do.

But if it is a great performance mixed with heavy rock metal this is the band. They do tend to have rather explicit lyrics.

Be warned they are quite addictive as there is nothing like pumping out “The Pride”, “Jekyll and Hyde” or “Wash it all away” whilst travelling down a motorway.

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