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The swing sounds of the bands and voices of the 1930’s through 1940’s

The 1930’s to the 1940’s swing era

A time of glitz, glamour veering into the second world war.  Swing saw in a new era of music that led to into the 1950’s era of Rock ‘n Roll.

Swing still lives on today as big bands swing people onto dance floors at functions, weddings, etc.
Even Mickey Mouse and Friends swung to the sounds swing music as they boogied the across most television and movie screens.  It does not matter who you are swing starts to play and you are bopping!

Some of the swing music from big bands

#1 Benny Goodman – Sing, Sing Sing
You cannot listen to this song without wanting to move some part of your body.  You cannot help it as it bursts with all the magical instruments of a swing band led by a true master. Makes you want to get up and do a slide into some fancy footwork whilst snapping your fingers and keeping up with likes of Fred and Ginger. This song was first released in 1936, the music and lyrics by Loius Prima.

#2 Louis Armstrong – Mack the Knife
Born in the town of madrigals, this New Orleans trumpeter with his deep gravelly voice went on to become one of the kings of swings.  With a career spanning across five-decade, he swung, jazzed and serenaded the world.
One of his most famous early songs was Mack the Knife where he spellbinds you with his trumpet abilities smoothly transitioning into vocals.

The song was originally composed by Kurt Weill for the “Threepenny Opera” and premiered in Berlin at the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm in 1928.

It was remastered by Louis Armstrong in 1956.

#3 Ray Charles – Mess Around
Release in 1953 this song is one is a great example of the magic piano can bring to swing especially when you have Ray Charles playing it.

A master of the piano even after being blinded and listed as a true musical genius singer, songwriter and pianist.

#4 Glenn Miller Orchestra – In the Mood
Probably one of the most famous big band swing songs of all times.  In the Mood is a number 1 hit swing song written and produced by Glen Miller it was recorded in the late 1930’.  It held the chart number one for thirteen weeks.

#5 Royal Crown Revue – Hey Pachuco
This song gets an honorable mention from a truly fun movie The Mask.It is also an incredible piece of swing from an amazing band formed in 1989 in Los Angeles.

This band has been credit as one of the major players in the swing revival movement.Hey Pachuco flows from an upbeat tempo, slowing it down a bit then into full swing – go on see if you can keep up!

#6 Big Bad Voodoo – Jumping Jack
This song will truly get you jumping with its classic heavy double bass upbeat swing. Also, a more recent band that is true to its swing roots.  Formed in 1994 from Big band records

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