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Some of the hottest new music DVD releases for 2018

The Rolling Stones – From the Vault
This DVD is to be released on the 13 July 2018.
For all the Stones fans out there this DVD features the music from their No Security tour.
The concert was yet another example of this bands following and their amazing music. With songs that cross the decades featuring hits of theirs from the sixties right through to their latest and some old songs, they have put a new twist on.
If you are a Rolling Stones fan you will need to put this DVD with your collection.

The Moody Blues – Days of Future Passed
This DVD was released in March 2018
This CD was digitally remastered in 2017 as the original of the copy had all be deteriorated.
Taken from the Moody Blues second album it was originally released on vinyl in 1967.
Considered an English prog rock band they have delivered masterpieces such as Nights in White Satin, The Voice, I am just a Singer to name but a few.

Sound Tracks: Songs that Defined History
This is a DVD that follows the decades defining the various movements and moments of time.
A TV series that brings you the biggest artists and their songs that rocked out the nations at moments such as the tearing down of the Berlin wall, etc.
Hosted by Dwayne Johnson who interviews some of the world biggest music legends and the people who produced their music.